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The Black Feathers

The Black Feather's is one of the less pleasant taverns of Dellgate, however as the locals like to say," The lasses may not be up to much but 'least t' beer's cheap."
With it's sleazy (but well deserved) reputation the Black Feathers' a popular hang out for many of Dellgate's criminal underclass who feel they can do business in relative privacy. Consequently it is a repository for rumour, jobs and gossip.

Trying to fit in is essential in the Black Feathers, if you want to be first to hear whats doing down. Many seedy and suspicious characters crowd around the bar and damaged tables discussing all sort of topics, each hoping to be the one's to pick up the freshest gossip.

Mutch Laird's Spring/Summer Insult Award:

Champine:You sir ain't nowt but a wang-jabbing, pig-faced gash.
Contender:Learn from your parents mistakes; let me castrate you.
Contender:Your mother likes to hum-job gnolls.

Who won? Was it you? Go announce your wit in the Feathers, the drinks are on Mutch. Also contenders, make yourself heard, the boys wanna know who's got the foul mouth.

Suck Eggs, Fowlmouth - NEW SR Insult Generator!

It's been a while but what a fat loads of jibes and of good quality even with Mutch's new harsh regime. Usually there are a few peaches but this time picking out the best ones was tricky and I'm not sure if the judges got it right...gosee for yourself!

Are you a contender?
Throw an insult across the bar, it may end up in the SR insult generator:


As mentioned by the locals, the beer is cheap and not all that bad. With a high patronage of sailors and criminal types the Tavern often comes by some very expensive and great tasting beers. However as it's cheap it doesn't last long and the owners seem very intent of getting rid of it quickly. All this alcohol is perhaps responsible for the bar room brawls and the many things forgotten and strewn about the tavern.
If you're enjoying one of the Black Feather's brews while waiting for some associates to show up you can often dredge up a few back copies of the Western Realms Gazette lying under the tables or benches.