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The Ranger Station

Positioned among the high trees and rushing streams of the Outlands, stands the Ranger Station, a bastion for the King's Rangers who enforce the laws of the Realms. Green cloaked figures bustle around as swarthy, squint-eyed criminals are dragged inside and swallowed by it's heavy, wooden doors.
In the center of the clearing stands a large oak, nailed to which are posters of felons, and adverts for those who seek adventure.

Online Adventure Booking

Shadow Realms now offers you the service of being able to get yourself on the adventure list online. The online booking board is provided for regular adventure listings of both players and monsters.
The board supports the main adventure list and is checked everyday by Mark.
After each adventure the board will be cleared and when the date and/or details of the next adventure are available they will be posted up.

Holdfast VII - Restitution

September 2001

Due to the Foot & Moth epidemic Holdfast has been put back until September. However this gives us more time to make it a damn stonkingly fine event!!!! Stay tuned.

Realms Below

July 2001

The next installment for Underdark antics is planned for July with the site booked already. So plenty of time to do some serious scheming.

  • Forsaken Realms: 21st September.

    Yo! For all your Forsaken beans get over to the new Forsaken Realms website.

    For the benefit of those without the flash 4 player needed to view the site here the main FS info.
    Episode two of the Forsaken series will be taking place at Caddihoe Scout Camp, Exeter on the weekend of the 21st of September. The reason for the later date is because due to Foot & Mouth - sorry the best we can do.
    We're offering 12 players places with priority to characters from the previous episode. At present it is mostly booked up but there are some slots still available. Contact us to find out. The price of the event is now 20 phat paid. Folks who have already fronted the goods are safe with the beans on the old price list. Bookings can be done via the online form (which contains pay details), email or phone. The adventure will run from Saturday evening through to Sunday afternoon and will include a nice indoor place to kip and a hearty meal (Forsaken style) on the Saturday night.
    The use of Caddihoe will mean the legal use of blank firers and no risk of being arrested for running about with guns. Enquiries about Forsaken can either go to my email: Obi or you can harass Len on 01395 232121.

    • Booking are only set in stone when either Len or me get our mits on the cash.
    • In an IC sense the second episode of Forsaken will continue the day after where Episode 1 left off. The event is intended to be totally time in, even sleeping.
      Anyone who fancies monstering please let us know too as we may well have some juicey bits for you if you get hold of us in advance. We're also limiting the monster places to around ten.
      Anyone who wants to help with the running of the event or get involved with the system get in touch.

    The ForSakenFlash website is here!

    Coming One day!- The Shadow Realms Beastiery.
    Live in fear of many nasties that want to kick sand in your face and steal your dinner money.
    The Shadow Files
    This section is mainly for ref's but here you can check out spent Shadow Realms adventures to spark off your own ideas or straight use for your own players.
    You want to get in touch with us here at the Realms, look no further.
    All the little numbers and letters, names and addresses for the crew here at Shadow Realms.

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