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The Dellgate Graveyard

Silent and sullen the ancient graveyard stands alone, lurking on the outskirts of Dellgate. Overgrown and unkempt, here is the home of all those valiant adventurers who tragically gave their life to some insignificant cause.
Only in the afterlife do they realise that their only remembrance comes from a tiny block of stone that lies above their rotting corpse or whatever body parts that could be recovered.
Featuring the Famous Holdfast Four, The Dellgate Graveyard is the memorial for all those dead Shadow Realms Characters who gave their lives, were plotined, picked on or who just fucked up in the course of play.

Please feel free to walk among the lots and pay your respects to those who have perished.



Maybe you too have lost a loved one and wish their final resting place to be one of respect and dignity. Here at the Dellgate Graveyard your deceased will lie surrounded by the many other famous, heroic bodies who sleep in these peaceful, ancient surroundings marked by a traditional handcrafted headstone.
If such place of worthy of their memory please send details for the burial and engravings by ley to the groundskeeper using the scroll provided.
Name of deceased: Your Name (OOC):
Race: Sex:
Profession: System:
Cause of Death: Epitah:


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