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This area is mainly meant for ref's or adventure writers for both inspiration or straight use of an adventure. If you're not one of these you may be spoiling things for yourself. Look if you like as we're not going to stop you but just bear it in mind.

The large oak stands majestic in the centre of the clearing. A symbol of strength, determination and a real neat place to nail messages.
When the Rangers are short on manpower they place messages for extra muscle to do their work. Nailed to the ancient oak are parchment advertisments for high risk, high paid employment.

  • Kali's Heroes

    The Goblinoid Horde is rampaging through the Western Realms and the King's Army is fighting hard to supress them. The Rangers are overstretched and mercenaries are being hired to hold key strategic positions. An old shrine holds potential as a key fort providing a group can get there and hold it, before a break away goblinoid tribe gets there first.

  • Mift Drannor

    As far as the allied forces are concerned the goblinoid prophecy has failed to be fulfilled. However the Horde has not fled but simply retreated to higher ground, milling, awaiting something. This has unnerved many and coupled with foreboding dreams, dreamt by priests and holy men the Church are worried that the seeming victory over the goblinoids is not as it seems.

  • Times a Changin'

    The sequel to Mift Drannor. The party once again hired to investigate an unexplored domain, left open due to a defeated goblinoid army. Here they are sent to secure an area so an archealogical team can investigate an ancient civilisation reported to be hidden there.

  • Opening Time at the Githshop

    The final part of the Myth Drannor Trilogy in the lead up to Holdfast '00 - Entropy. The reconstruction of an archaeological site in the Outlands has been going well. Especially an old Mythal gateway which the head of the operation, Eusarious Calidor wants to open. However it has just one part missing which a party of unwitting adventurers are going to help collect.

  • ConSpearacy Theory

    Hired as part of an undercover operation the party get in over their heads as a simple information gathering mission gets entangled in the actions of a rival Thieves Guild manipulated by a powerful King-Pin. (see also WRG history in the Black Feathers)

  • The Road to Tannay

    On a routine job a prisoner needs escorting to a holding cell in the nearby town of Tannay. However the prisoner just happens to have the information that a Thieves Guild would kill for. Signed up to take the felon to Tannay the party are thrown into the midst of a shadow war between two rival Guilds.

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