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Shadow Realms isn't the only place that's happening.
Here (for your viewing pleasure) are a variety of related site's that are either associated with us or just damn froody.
Join the SR links

  • Leyweb

    A portal for all sorts of LRP goodness and among others things a platform to noticeboards around the LRP community.

  • House Gereshen

    Travel into the Underdark if you dare and acquaint yourself with the drow of House Gereshen, the leading house of the Tarantulas at the Gathering.

  • Lil Velkyn Z'ress

    Infiltrate this shadowy organiasation who are found at the heart of major events (or not as the case may be!).

  • Renewal

    Ran by Curious Pastimes; Renewal boasts a high standard of roleplaying for an event it's size and is the choice, major event here in England.

  • LARP Land

    LARP land is the bed of information hot potatoes that will help you track down tons of other LRP sites. It's the LRP resource for the web.

  • The Pagga Boards

    A recently set up and discovered board that offers discussion points of all types and form of LRP (which do including dissing the LT home boys :) ).

  • Broadsword

    Back in the old days... Yup broadsword is finally up to date (just as it closes - apparently). The oograh website gives you a soup-song of the broadsword flavour so long as you know the password (which is "valguard" in case you didn't know)

  • LRP and Lasertag Index

    The big one. More sites than you can shake a shitty club at. Includes Time-In magazine. Our favorite UK LRP scene magazine (and editor).

  • Philosophers Guild LRP

    The Shadow Realms legacy sweeps even further a field with this Australian based club, part run by an ex-member! Stop by and see how they do it Down Under.

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