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Along the bustling narrow streets of Dellgate, among the inns and stalls there lies a shady alleyway that leads those who follow to an ancient shrine of no named creed. The locals shun this alley for it is unearthly still and uneasily repellent. Through the twists and turns of this silent maze the sounds of the street fade away and a curious traveller is met with the shrine's crumbling walls, and moss covered edifices. Forgotten, untouched, inside there sits an wizened old man who when hungry eats his rice, and when tired sleeps. The rest of time he just rests in quiet meditation, wanting none, becoming one, for it is said that this wizened soul can sometimes hear the voices of the Gods as he sits and listens to the Universe.

A fellow would be lucky to learn of these words for he has never spoken for as long as he has been known to be there. However inside on a broken altar, lies an ancient book whoose leaves are torn and have long succumbed to time and wear. However its words are still as fresh as the day they were scrawled on to it's pages and inside are reputed to be the words heard by the man, phrases uttered by the Gods. And as the man sits in silence the book lies open inviting the humble to inspect it's sacred text.

The Great Glossary of the Enlightened Realms

  • Chapter I The Game of Life: Terms of the Enlightened Beings.

  • Chapter II Voices of the Enlightened: Quotes of the Gods.

    Although it is told the old man is deaf this does not stop those whispering into his ears and although their words are not heard by the seer they may well reach the gods themselves. So to all other folk out there who have terms from their own club or group please feel free to join the voices that bounce around the old man's baldy head while he meditates in The Shrine and no doubt he'll think he's hearing the voices of the gods.
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