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Job: v. 1) To kill a single foe with efficiency and speed. Usually synonimus among assassins. " We were in a lot of shit until Ned Assassin jobbed the mage". syn mosh
2) To attack or kill in an unscrupulous way, " You play dead, I'll hide in the bushes and job the merchant as he walks by".

Lawful Wood : Alignment of roleplay sites featuring lines of planted trees, such as the SR Northampton site; can lead to some really weird IC theories.

Linear Plot: A set occurrance of events that will happen no matter what the players do to alter it. "No you have to go through the forcewall it's a linear plot you see" syn. Bindweed

Mee'hay: adj. Used to describe the act or demeanour of much mingh. Mee'hay is the fundamentally the spirit of Mingh in essence. ie. 'Despite being decapitated twice, Tim the Knight is not dead because his mum was a troll which allows him to regerate his fat head. - Meehay, (fucking) Meehay!'.
(It should be noted that the phrase must be repeated in multiples of two, in a high pitched whiney but sarcastic voice to have proper effect).syn. minghy.

Minghy ('min-gee'): adj. A term used to describe players or monsters of an evil and/or sneaky dispostion, i.e " beware, for the pathe yonder is gaurded by a minghy Drow".
It may also be used to descibe an item or object, i.e " The staff of the abyss possesed much mingh "
(It should be noted that the phrase must be said in a high pitched whiney voice to have proper effect). syn. Spooky Drow

Mong: n. Concludes the trinity of Mingh. Mong is the outcome and after effect of an excessive combination of Mingh and Meehay. 'They used the staff of the Cryptic Mingh in a big ritual to summon God himself and then Lord Ayhole wrestled the sun from God's arse forcing him to bring Lady Mingeface back from the dead. Minghy mee-hay, f'king Mong. syn. Mingh, Meehay.

Mosh: To severely beat a group of opponents."Bob Knight reckons he's well hard, let's go and mosh 'im"; syn. beatings

Naughtiness: Poisons. Mainly used to disguise the fact that some dodgy dude is packing enough poison to give an entire city a dicky tummy for a month. "I used some naughtiness on that Drow.. he wont be back in a hurry". Course nobody ever works it out......

Orc Bash: Classic adventure consisting of beating up orcs for no real reason. Usually caused by lack of storyline or imagination. Popular with combat monsters

Out-of-character: a. (abbrev. OOC) 1. Referring to actions undertaken that happen in the real world rather than in the fictional world of gaming." No I called you a tosser out-of-character, twat!" syn. In character

Pagger: v. To totally paste a monster, in an extremely short space of time.
"Ha! I totally paggered Mark Drow, he didn't know what hit him." syn. Job, Mosh, Crim.

Philmonster: A monster that is usually unstoppable, whether plotted or not. Greatly feared by all player parties.

Plot: n. Not the storyline, merely a device so that the organisers can control 200 fight crazed players for a weekend.

Plot Door: The blatant forcing of a player(s) into following the plot, or the referees wishes."Toby Kender stole the Lich Lord's golden pants of power so they hit him with a plot door so the Liche could get them back" syn. plot, plottage, plot stick

Plot stick: What the LT whacks people with to get them to do what they want. syn. plot door

Plottage: An act of plot. syn. cheese, plot, plottage.

Plot Monkey: A monster, character or referee intentionally exerting plot."They're bringing Bob the Knight back from the dead for the sake of plot and he's not going to argue about it because he's a right powerplaying plotmonkey". syn. plot, powerplayer

Point-muncher: n. 1) One who uses his character points in as effective a way as possible to become as powerful as possible while neglecting "useless" skills like, say, reading.
2) One who argues and haggles in order to get every last character point they have coming to them.
syn. Combat Monster, Powerplayer, Quadsquad.

Pointy: Derogatory term for an Elf often used to harrass or insult them. "Oi pointy come get some beatings".

Powerplayer: A person who manipulates the rules in order to make his character as powerful as possible to make up for the sad reality that in real life they are nothing but a pathetic twat."You power playing twat!".

Public Enemy: A player usually considered to be cheating or roleplaying badly chosen by the monster crew to be picked on for the entire adventure. "Okay guys, John the Elf isn't taking his hits so he's public enemy ".

Pull Your Blows: Comment made either by a wuss who can't take a little pain or by an unfortunate player getting wallopped by a combat monster. syn. combat monster

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