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Welcome to The Realms Below, possibly the United Kingdom LRP’s foremost resource for all things Underdark related. This site is new, drawing on all of our experience of nearly 15 years playing Underdark characters, including two years of running the Realms Below campaign as part of the overall Shadow Realms Group. We endeavour to keep this site as up to date and forward looking as possible, so if you would like to be included or you have an underdark themed website that is relevant to this one, get in touch and we can sort out links etc. Similarly, any traders who produce equipment with Underdark characters in mind may request a link from the Kyelin U’dossa area.

As you can see, so far the site has 6 areas within it. Some, like V’elddrinnsshar, are very well populated as you will discover when you enter it. Others are ‘works in progress’, but will expand as time goes on. In the Underdark, yesterday never happened, it is tomorrow that counts; here, you can discover what happened many yesterdays ago


?/?/02 – Realms Below website goes live, to silent applause due to the inherent dangers of making a noise in the Underdark